Contemporary Art and the Region

Curator and art historian Patrick Flores and I will be in conversation at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila on 22 September 2018, Saturday from 2 to 4PM. Referencing exhibitions currently on view at the museum, Patrick will reflect on and explore ideas of the contemporary and the region. In response, I will discuss modes and lenses through which to understand aspects of Philippine contemporary art.

Registration is required for this event. 



Pagpamulak, Pleiades, and Pusod at the UP Diliman Grounds

We formally launched three art projects inside the Diliman campus yesterday.

Pagpamulak means ‘to blossom’. The work gathers white painted concrete body parts at the edge of the Sculpture Garden. The pieces make a playground, where we can climb a belly, see saw on a pussy, and rest on a penis. These pieces take from artist Lee Paje’s 2011 project where vagina shaped chocolates filled with rice wine were offered to audiences during an exhibition opening.



Mark Justinian’s Pusod (navel) is at the UP Lagoon, a reflective disk during the day and a marvel of coloured reflections at night.



Agnes Arellano’s goddesses Pleiades descend from the heavens, their ethereal forms render the grove otherworldly.







Happening this week

Artists Roberto Feleo and Antipas Delotavo simultaneously open exhibitions at the UP Vargas Museum March 11th Friday, 4PM


I will be in conversation with artists at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila for Direction 2016 of the permanent exhibition Philippine Contemporary Art March 12, Saturday 2 PM

Open Dialogues poster 2016

 Curator Dr. Shoichi Hirai talks about the ongoing Gutai exhibition at the Ayala Museum on March 13, Sunday 4PM


Philippine Contemporary Art: Directions

An update to the Directions section of the Philippine Contemporary Art exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila will be on view starting tomorrow, 20 February 2016. Prior to the soft opening will be an interactive performance by Russ Ligtas at 4PM at MetLab.

Artists whose works are included in this recreated section express a leaning towards crossing over media, whether through use of material, the deployment of technique, the reworking of sources, the creation of experience, or the expression of oft-told themes. I find myself inclined towards pieces that combine intricacy and sweep in scale, noting how complexity can be embodied this way. Several of the works speak to this attribute.

PCA-Directions-Poster Collateral