From Humanities to Art Studies: 60th year Lecture Series

I received my 15th year service pin ( it is a loyalty badge) from the University last July. I have always been proud to be part of a dynamic and quite diverse department. I look up to my senior colleagues for their steadfast commitment, and scholarship that spills over the confines of  classroom walls. For them, scholarship is committed practice and practice is articulation of scholarship.

Let us continue to learn from them in a lecture series colleagues and I organised for 18 September 2018, Tuesday at the UP Vargas Museum


The lectures were well attended, thank you to those who joined us!


This September 2018, the Department of Art Studies launches its 60th year with lectures from Professors Emeritae Brenda V. Fajardo, Elena R. Mirano, and Norma S. Respicio.

The lectures historically place the work of our mentors within the discipline of Art Studies, and identifies emerging directions in our scholarship and advocacies.

poster professors emeritae

Complementing the lectures “Spirit and Art” by Dr. Fajardo and “Why I Teach” by Dr. Mirano were responses from DAS faculty Dr. Cecilia S. De la Paz and Prof. Patricia Marion Lopez.

From Humanities to Art Studies consolidates institutional memory through discussions on research, trajectories of practice alongside reflections from mentors and colleagues.

Preregistration required through our social media page.

Event will be streamed live and recorded in podcast and video.