Art for Mondays: Mark Justiniani’s Reverb exhibition

Mark Justiniani installs several works from his Infinity series with a few additions, notably a piece that references the upcoming Philippine elections. These for Reverb, a recently opened exhibition.

Sharing the wall text I wrote for the exhibition. There is a catalogue to accompany the exhibition, with my essay ‘Threshold and Portals’ alongside details of art works. The works are on view until 6 May 2016 at the UP Vargas Museum and Filipiniana Research Center, UP Diliman campus. 


Mark Justiniani alters spaces by constructing environments within them. Splicing zones, doubling vision, fragmenting images, and refracting light are only few of the means through which he transports us to places. While familiar, they form the bulk of the artist’s imaginings of a world simultaneously wondrous and burdened. The scenes remind of sites we readily identify: tunnels and shafts, capsules and enclosures, tracks and lanes – all speak to a constellation of paths that mark our everyday lives. These are means by which we traverse points, reach destinations, mark goals or fittingly, they are devices to beguile, ensnare and entrap. Nestled like Russian dolls, the images contained within structures are in fact, shards of a whole multiplied by an intricate play on light and space. Reverb refers to both sound and the space that surrounds it, the manner they meld to allow us to perceive depths of tonality or texture, or interestingly, locate our position in space by way of depth. This mechanism is deftly deployed in this installation series which contains visions in vessel-like formations and yet, ferries fascination to various other trajectories.






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