Popcorn opens with an artist reception on 10 October 2014, Friday at 6PM.

Works on view until 31 October 2014 at Tin-aw Art Gallery, Upper GF Somerset Olympia Building Makati Avenue Makati City.

The exhibition examines how viewers consume images, the varied pleasures that inhere in the act as well as the codes deployed when meanings are projected onto pictures.

Popcorn Invite 2014Uy’s fascination with icons from popular culture is greatly evident though she combines them this time with Chinese lucky charms, icons of devotion portrayed as tattoos or stack-up toys. She portrays these figures in signature hyperrealism, ensconced in a cropped graphic background or hovering against a saturated colour field. Toys, action figures, and popular icons are staples of the artist’s iconography. She deploys appropriation as strategy, combining the seriality of comics, the graphic character of pop art, and the immersive lure of realism.


From mass produced items to a singularly depicted image, from familiar to strange, from a sense of promise to a haunting vacancy, works in the exhibition Popcorn bring to relief our relationships with images in the context of daily life. The Chinese charms signify prosperity and luck, religious icons remind of suffering and redemption. Promises however exist alongside disappointments, misfortune and misery hound happiness and joy. Where uncertainty thrives, belief needs to be anchored to tangible expressions. This perhaps, is the use of these hybrid forms: to plot for us the breadth of hope, a promise anchored to viewing. Popcorn recalibrates these shifts and maps the charged pleasures that arise from consuming images.

About the artist
Clairelynn Uy has exhibited in galleries in Metro Manila and Singapore. Her recent solo exhibitions were Icons Revisited at Sunjin Galleries Singapore in 2009, Eikon Fashion at Galleria Quattrocento Makati in 2010, and Echo Derby also at Tin-aw Art Gallery in 2011. She was among those named Exciting Young Artists by Nokia in 2009. Her work was juror’s choice in the 2006 First China Asian Youth Art Creativity Competition and finalist in the 2003 Philippine Philip Morris Art Awards. Uy has a Fine Arts degree from the Philippine Women’s University.


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