Art for Mondays: Joy Mallari’s Solo Exhibition at Finale Art File

Artist Joy Mallari recreates the site of an extra-terrestrial landing for her recently opened exhibition at the Finale Art File gallery. This exhibition together with Illuminations and Scribe, two prior shows is informed by her exploration of the uses of myth and deploys archetypes which Mallari crafts in forms of utmost delicacy and precision.

The works for Witness takes us to the realm of wonder. Yet it is the kind that feeds off fascination for the strange and one we typically tame by projecting fragments of that which is known and familiar. The installation speaks to the eerie divide between doubt and belief, the real and the visible alongside phantoms and illusions.

Witness Invitation

The works are not so much about the verity of certain phenomena, it is the artist showing us vision’s charged terrain, the lures of artifice and the mechanics of invention. In Witness, Joy Mallari reminds the imagination is one boundless galaxy yet fully explored.

Read Strange Specter my exhibition wall text for Witness and view images of the works here.




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