The Measures of Precision and Chance: Lofranco’s latest exhibition

Artist Lofranco has been known to employ divergent styles in art. Much can be said of his commensurate skill as well as his relentless quest for new artistic languages to convey the multiple facets of the image. Whether art rendered in pure abstraction or realist figuration or in some, a deft combination of both; Lofranco’s artistic practice speaks of deep interest in the process of making.

‘Intuition, control, and accidents’ prominently figure in these transactions which the artist describes as the ‘reality of process’, on which making art is founded. These explorations of technique or style can be misconstrued as pure formalist experimentation but a deeper understanding of Lofranco’s hybrid and multifaceted works reveal an impulse to graph one visual language over another, whether their origins are from the realm of art or other disciplines. This direction points to a latent aim to grasp the unwieldy nature of the image in contemporary art.

The One in Freeform
The One in Free Form, image courtesy Lofranco and Tin-aw Art Gallery

Three characteristics are apparent in works for this recent exhibition: randomness, precision, and architectonic quality. He explores the push and pull between these forces, successfully melding them in pieces that bear both the marks of gestural brushwork but certainly resists the flatness commonly associated with abstraction.

Lofranco endeavours to sustain tension through his pieces in a manner restive and collected. He presents a constellation of opposed impulses that succeed to impart a sense of inconclusiveness: the works themselves contain paintings yet embody many qualities of relief forms. Juxtaposing spontaneity and structure, precision and chance, flatness and volume, he succeeds to rekindle an interest in the endless configurations that result from a combination of impulses and styles. He alters the language of random brush work through the mathematical accuracy of folding techniques. Flatness is rendered volume through the placement of elements within spaces resulting from the folds.

The One Fractal
The One Fractal, 2014 image courtesy Lofranco and Tin-aw Art Gallery

In the artist’s techniques there is a quality of precision, however the work may appear random or haphazard to our eyes. And this manner of exactitude, if to spark interest in viewers should set curiosity alight. Lofranco reiterates yet again the spark: the inquisitiveness that pushes the artist to explore art beyond the bounds of tradition. While his works suggest familiar themes revived by contemporary abstractionists (landscapes, architecture, or signs), his is a network of techniques that maps our fickle, erratic, often disconcerting and joyously surprising encounters with contemporary art.

The exhibition opens 13th June, Friday at Tin-aw Art Gallery




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