The Joys of Field Work

And the previous post is all about this, the joys of being afield

Learning from other women

With women movers of Onyx, Manila for documentation of project by artists Alma Quinto and Soni Kum, 2011

Making new friends and understanding Thailand through their eyes

With friends from RILCA Mahidol University, 2008
Ying and Nan who I met in 2007 in Singapore, a 2014 reunion

Be guided by a mind and eye quite different from yours

With writer curator Worathep Akkabootara, 2014

Arguing with men….meant meeting kindred minds! (Peace, Uthit!)

Interview with Uthit Athimana, Chiang Mai University 2014

Learning from minds less jaded and far hopeful than one’s own

With students at the University of the Philippines, sometime 2010

And be touched in infinite ways, be reminded of our vulnerabilities and the ways we can shore them up into courage

Nang Leong interview-1
Bangkok interview, 2014: more on this in a Singapore conference in July

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