Art for Mondays: Brand New 2013 Bangkok University

Some of the more interesting works from the 2013 Brand New series from Bangkok University

Below are my photographs, kindly note if interested in referencing

Nut Sawasdee’s  (then) weaves a thread between presence and erasure by way of gestures that outlive time. Records and remnants of interventions in public space, all carried out since 2012 were presented in the gallery. Most poignant of all are video projections on the floor where noon shadows of memorials are futilely erased. In the cycles conjured by gestures trapped within time and for the exhibition itself, contained by vicissitudes of medium (static objects, the series of frames that comprise video images) we contemplate what remains: enduring image, fickle memory and the clutches of a system we attempt to overturn.

Nut Sawasdee, video projection
Nut Sawasdee, Feeding Pigeons
Trousers, tape, sauce bottle, corn, pigeons 2012
VDO, artist’s mobile phone, trousers, zip, corn, pigeon 2014

Surat Satsaeng’s series of photographs, Within Striking Distance, examines the enchantment of images. Distance endows enchantment potent desire. The pixels of the television images the artist captures brings forth the paradox that underlies our persistent search for truth and our quest to scale the perimeters of perceived realities. While these images are seemingly within reach they are also elusive, as the truths they convey are never singular or fixed.

Surat Satsaeng’s photograph series
Surat Satsaeng’s photograph series

Yingyod Yenarkan Time for a walk…is unusual cartography of the city. He contrasts density and delicacy, stasis and movement through the rudiments of the sculptural and in a medium given to nuance: paper. By choosing to work with paper, he astutely calls to mind the beginnings of a city and surroundings: maps, plans, all conjured in the mind. Rendered tangible, these visions capture the senses, direct movement, carve experience. Cities are inviting dreams and secular prisons yet Yenarkan’s sculptural itinerary transports the urban back to the lures of the small and microscopic, the attractions of the fleeting, and the charms of the fragile.

Yingyod Yenakan, 2013
A map is a puzzle: the artist cuts through it, lets pieces gather on the floor. To walk the city is to make sense of the puzzle.
Yingyod Yenarkan, 2013
Forms to put together and construct: make the city unto our vision, condensed into the rudiments of geometry
Yingyod Yernakan, 2013
Flimsy urban towers


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