Art for Mondays: Allan Sekula

Shipwreck, Istanbul
C-prints, Image

“At the latest since his participation in Documenta11, the American photographer and essayist Allan Sekula has been considered one of the most important of the contemporary artists who take a critical view of the economic, political, social, and cultural changes being brought about by the globalisation of politics and the economy. His projects consistently centre around a key issue in contemporary photography: How can art critically address and present the abstract and complex relationships of the post-industrial economic processes? For Allan Sekula, the solution is to “reinvent documentarism in a way that diverges both from the traditions of social documentary and from artistic photography and conceptual thinking” (from a conversation with Benjamin H.D. Buchloh). More on Allan Sekula

Titanic's Wake Allan Sekula
Titanic’s Wake
31 December 1999, off the Albanian coast
C-print on aluminium, Image



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