Far from center yet solidly grounded

Excerpts from my report as YCC Film Desk President for 2012-2013:

“Numerous questions were thrown our way this year. Those worth answering included queries on the relevance of awards, on why we persist on awarding films viewed presumably only by us, and why we appear to lag in the writing of reviews. All these questions lead us to the uses and place for criticism within the exuberant sphere Philippine cinema had become in recent years.

awardees 2013
Awardees Ditoy Aguila, Adolf Alix, Jr., Nora Aunor, Arnel Mardoquio and Raphael Pulgar Image courtesy Nestor de Guzman

The Young Critics Circle Film Desk persists in its regard for film as telling measure of the overarching conditions wherein it is crafted and circulated. These include the immediate context of Philippine society and the simultaneously far-off yet proximate realm we have conveniently labelled global. Surely, both contexts play well into the making and reception of cinema.

YCC group photo
YCC Members Jason Jacobo, Lisa Ito, myself, and Patrick Flores with Nestor de Guzman
Image courtesy Nestor de Guzman

The first citations for film was organized by the Young Critics Circle Film Desk in 1991, the periodic conclusion to a sustained dialogue among its members. I say with pride these conversations traverse around and intervene our lives, blossoming in carefully calibrated degrees as we by turns view, discuss, debate and decide on the films to be cited. The object of such a long process, which at times can be described as ‘tense’, is what the YCC Film Desk’s founding members described as ‘dynamic discourse’ wherein the most ‘provocative, indeed the sharpest, incisive texts that engage and invigorate the imagination are identified.” Read more

YCC -2
Image courtesy Yuki Sacurom


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