Mark by line, mould by tint: Malleable forms in Ambie Abano’s prints

Excerpts from catalog essay for Transfigurations, Ambie Abano’s ongoing exhibition at the UP Vargas Museum

The artist walks us through her exhibition on 11th July 2013 Thursday 230PM.

Ambie Abano’s art is informed by continuing exploration of the possibilities of print, from surface to space, from flatness to volumetric spatiality, from potent image to surrounding expanse. Her prints are singular in their approach to spatial complexities and treatment of sequence. And thus, like the human persona an edition can never be like the others, very much like the shifting imprints we make on the world. She has taken printmaking, a centuries-old form and its techniques to meld with installation, approaching the project that is image making with unflagging interest in expanding the bounds of traditional medium.

installation 1
Exhibition opening, photograph courtesy of the UP Jorge Vargas Museum

Abano’s imagery is pervaded by a sense of indeterminacy, as these faces either confirm or belie character. Such is her description of print: as ‘having its own temperament’, an unlikely association as printmaking greatly relies on technical draughtmanship and precision. For Abano, the crafting of image can be regarded as performative, wherein image is imbued life, its contours defined by installation’s fertile range. While we marvel at the technical virtuosity of her handling of line and form, we also wonder at the numerous configurations she summons of print.

Photograph courtesy of the UP Vargas Museum


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