Got past the hundredth, figured the posts can survive.

It is a Sunday and unusually, in a very foul mood! Nothing lifts the storm clouds from the weekend horizon than an interesting article. To have or not have a child, or children for that matter? This quite timely because it is the day for fathers, who in my case I insist take on equal share of motherly duties.

“Any person’s independent productivity depends not upon the head count of her children but the sum of her free hours. Meanwhile, a writer’s true success—in the sense of her ability to write something original and meaningful—also depends upon the range of her imagination, the precision of her critical faculties, and, crucially, the extent of her capacity for empathy. And this last characteristic would include the ability to recognize that familial configurations, be they chosen or imposed, cannot be reduced to winning formulae. As the writers we return to—those with offspring and those without—have always known, any amount of mothering is enough to break your heart every day, and also to fill it.” Read the rest of the article here.


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