Art for Mondays: Filmmaker Gutierrez Mangansakan

Teng Mangansakan writes eloquently about film making
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“I remember seeing a 1964 movie poster featuring a burly, shirtless man wielding a machete, his head shaven, and his eyes full of terror. At his feet were dead people soaked in their own blood, a product of his murderous rampage. Splashed across the poster was the title: Moro Witch Doctor. That image leaves an indelible mark in people’s imagination, constructing a representative reality of Moros through its creator’s seeming ignorance and bias…… it is filmmaking and writing that afford me the chance to create an honest representation of my people, imbued with the right sensibility and character.

In the end, I hope that my films become the bittersweet pill that will heal the unreasonable hatred, fear, and prejudice against my people. If I can achieve this, my filmmaking will cease to become a product of accident. I will become the healer that I once dreamt of in my childhood. Read more




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