Malabon: in food, on foot, above water

Images of Malabon for an Art Studies 277 (Philippine Architecture) graduate class.

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    View of the old bridge, clear stark noon light
Side story: the house with a coffin inside? If true, never found out.
An 1877 marker
The first house located in an intersection where Gasak-Recto jeepneys ply. This long main street is full of stone houses (bahay-na-bato) decorated in various persuasions, but all elevated due the floods that submerge Malabon during the rainy season.
Well-lived in, with new additions to west wing of the house
With students Gilbert and Aissa and guide Richard, architectural historian. Thanks to student Prim for arranging itinerary and making sure all town stops are interesting.
A thriving shipyard industry, according to Richard
Two teenage boys with bikes rode with us. On the way back were grade-school students and teachers, that makes several of us with open umbrellas on this brief boat ride between Malabon and Navotas.


2 thoughts on “Malabon: in food, on foot, above water

  1. Thanks for visiting my town. Nice photos, glimpse into the historical part of Concepcion. Btw, you’re guide Architect Richard is a high school classmate of mine. Hope to see you and Eric on your next visit!

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