Harness Hope (Imagination by Plet Bolipata)

Excerpts from the catalogue essay:

Plet Bolipata installs ImagiNation, combined installation and functional sculpture in a new site. Akin to the voyage of Noah’s vessel, Bolipata’s pieces ply a path within a city of incessantly changing forms. First installed in a pocket park inside a corporate enclave, the suite of forms is now stationed in a university lawn. Visiting the sites at roughly the same hour, with day gliding into the nest of night, I was not at all surprised to see a similar event. Children climbed the animals in the pocket park inside Bonifacio Global City, couples and families lingered in the seats despite the arid heat. This time, students lounged in them.

Plet Bolipata in distinct lyricism breaks the tedium of urban rhythm in this commissioned piece. In a manner that contrasts with the sterile, modernist pieces that dot our cityscape or the distant and indifferent monuments of our public parks, Plet composes this outdoor piece with uncommon lightness, quiet humour, and play. Imagination in all its seeming sparseness summons spectres of world past and reminds of ominous state of a world on edge.


Indeed, if public art is to fashion a fitting reply to the heady uproar and chaos of city life it can do so by providing idylls that invite reflection and elicit involvement. Confronted by a precipitous decline in resource and the alarming gulf between lack and plenty, treading lightly and mindfully assumes a rightful course. Plet Bolipata adequately responds, embodying lightness, eschewing monumentality, shying from the spectacular and deploying with deft awareness and skill subtle contrasts between form and site. This delicate crafting of experience urges us to slow down, to hold back, and finely sift through questions of what it means to be human in these bewildering times.


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