Another one of those weekends I found myself working. 
Done and having let go of the review, I patiently await feedback from journal editors now.

Visited the dentist with the little one and it never fails to amaze me that while I am the singular mother of two boys, they have vast differences in temperament. I recall the older one’s visit to the dentist at about the same age. All the squirming and the tears drown the younger one’s curiosity and resolve to go through whatever it was that needs to be done. The dental visit was the same as the blood test, no squalling or pushing, just grim faced resolve. The elder one has an easiness about him, a lightness that charms but can also annoy at times. The little one is not the same charmer, he warms belatedly to people and raises hell when he’s bent on something and the old people will not just allow it. I have been seeing the blossoming of independence in the younger one- choosing shirts and shoes when going out, attempting to trim nails on his own, preparing bread and cereals for his own breakfast. The older one is courting adolescence, and is in a space where he can be the child he was or occasionally chooses to be. or the teenager demanding to be left alone. 

They flew kites yesterday and our younger one is half the size of the elder. Skipping and running, their youth and energies are balm to soul. And so was their wonder at the fountain’s dancing tinted streams. Their wonder fed mine, the amazement with having them in my life.


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