Write, uninterrupted

Yesterday, I resolved that my entire morning will be spent at the library. So then, three hours poring over catalogues of art exhibitions from Southeast Asia and a protracted browsing of Real Spaces by David Summers. There was a nagging thought about urgent mails in my inbox but I managed to shrug them off.  I figured that if I were to write uninterrupted I have to sever ties from the world of ‘connections’; which is how I typically write back home. Yet, this morning I debated with my self — if I am to keep these online postings , how am I do it and balance the urgency of being periodically Luddite? Then a rhythm has to be devised…

This is the first Christmas I will spend away from home and last weekend, I was struck by the weight of solitude. The curious paradox is, I crave it badly back home but I cower from its enormous presence when somewhere else. The spruced-up malls along the shopping strip fail to excite me, perhaps because I was initially turned off by the lights’ candied colors. I look forward to the end of the coming month and the projects swirling in my head, only possible back home. The biggest of which is ‘spring cleaning’.

Another mid-week pause and I figure I will start writing that draft, so good bye online life!


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