Breathe Anew

Flitting from one writing deadline to the next, I yielded to the virtual temptation of viewing my blog and some others, of course. So the idea of reviving this blog occurred to me; not bad after all when I had begun facing blank screens and heeding the blinking cursor for months now. Last night even, alarmed by the nagging need to scribe words I typed thoughts on waiting, passion and like minds. Surrounded by constant making, and witnessing things coming to life – I guess I have had too much excitement in the past weeks. Not typical activities for a Tuesday, the day of Mars, and of beginnings, I took half the day off yesterday and killed time. I figure perhaps, Mars’s orbit misaligned and shifted to Wednesday. Thus, the sudden decision to revive entries here. In a magazine interview I chanced online, E. Annie Proulx said that even one starts writing one has to live first. And this living demands silence and a sustained engagement with the world. For me, this translates to not being online everyday and that I keep an entire day in a week to laze and think. Not an easy task, since I spend my weekday mornings in a rush. And weekend will find me with almost frayed nerves. Breathing anew is another way to make that happen.

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