Pauses and midyear thoughts

A long respite from the web – almost a month of near-Luddite existence but not entirely because of classes and academic committees. I briefly mentioned to students last week how Twitter baffles me and our discussion spilled over to blurred spatial boundaries. I have lurked the Twitter site, and I must say I prefer reading blogs especially the well-thought out ones. I had spent the last few weekends working and found my Faculty Center office a retreat of sort. Our academic calendar this semester has been plagued by holidays and class suspensions. Just when you thought you were off to a good start, then comes the unexpected vacations! But guess that gives me more time to read, write a little, talk to hubby and friends, and frolic with my boys (when I am not busy refereeing their bickering!). I read A.S. Byatt’sConjugial Angels” and it was by pure chance that I stumbled on the Swedenborgian Church in that story while discussing early modern art’s spiritual preoccupations. I read at leisure and as always, was uplifted with prose. Anita Desai’s “The Zigzag Way” is my current fiction read with Mario Vargas Llosa’s “The Green House” at bay. I miss talking to my closest friends though, my best live far from me. Plainly, I miss talking and writing to certain people though I am surrounded by those who equally engage me. The end of the year is looming, I hear Christmas carols aired this early. My little one has started making wishes, while my eldest gently reminds him that Christmas is still three months away. My eleven-year old is changing, and perhaps is slowly welcoming adolescence. The other week, he volunteered to go to school by himself. Though nervous, I said yes – the beginning of a series of letting him be. He leaves the house a little after six, and tells me that he has been the first to arrive in class the past two weeks. Children are amazing – how they conflate the taking-afters and differences of our individualities in their person.

Mid-years are always tough, but discovered that I relished this past one. Poised in wonder of what the rest of the year offers…


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